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Cold boot key sequences
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**NOTE - IntelliTrack does not support handheld in any way; if you are having serious handheld issues then please contact your handhelds manufacturer. Thanks! **

A cold boot is the equivalent of a hard reset and depending on the device, the key combination will differ.  A hard reset resets the operating system, restores the terminal back to factory defaults, and resets the terminal after a bootloader, keyboard, and kernel upgrade. A hard reset erases all of the data stored in RAM memory and all RAM installed applications.

- Compaq iPaq - Application 1 + Application 4 + Reset Button. (Press calendar button(lower left hand side) and the task button (lower right side (the one with the arrow). While holding these buttons use the stylus to press the reset button on the back for 2 seconds. When the screen begins to fade release the calendar and the Itask buttons and then remove the stylus from the reset button. 
If you press the reset button for more the 2 seconds the battery disconnects. You might have to  press the reset button again to restart the unit.

- Ipaq  4100 & 4300 & 4350 - Press and Hold the Power Button.  Press and hold the Reset Button.  Release the Power Button.  Release the Reset Button

- Dell Axim - Hold the power button down while pushing the black reset button on the back of the unit with a stylus.

- Datalogic Viper - Closed O + Open O + Trigger

- Falcon 4210 - Press Backspace and Insert a paper clip in reset port.
- Falcon 4220 - Press the reset button at the back and the Fn2 button.
- Falcon 4410/4420(52 Key) - Press and hold the power button and insert a paper clip into the cold reset button below the Alt key.

- HHP 74XX - Ctrl + Esc

-HHP 9500 - Press and hold the Control (CTRL) and the Escape (ESC) keys for approximately five seconds. The decode and scan LEDs illuminate for approximately three seconds. The terminal re-initializes. When the reset is complete it will display today's screen.

-HHP 79xx - 1. Press and hold the Red + TAB keys for approximately five seconds.  (The Red button is on left side of keypad with a small red rectangle on it.) Release the buttons. The decode and scan LEDs light for approximately three seconds and the terminal will re-initialize.

-Intermec 700 - Remove Battery and hold down the circle underneath the battery for 5 seconds.

-PSC Falcon - Back Space + Reset Button.

-Symbol 28XX - Function ( The grey button on the lower right hand side ) + Reset ( Open battery door, Press Reset button and hold the Lower right hand "grey Key" down at the same time.  Close the battery door. Power up).

-Symbol MC 3000 - Hold down the 1, 9, and Power keys.

-Symbol MC-50 -  Hold down the Power and right scan buttons, then press and release the reset button located below the battery release on the back of the mobile computer. Release the Power and right scan buttons.  Do not hold down any key other than the Power and right scan buttons during a reset.

-Symbol MC-70 - Hold down the 1, 9, and Power keys.

-Symbol 81XX 28 key - Function Key + Reset (underneath battery cover) ; 37 key - Function Key + Reset (underneath battery cover) ; 47 key - Function Key + Reset (underneath battery cover).

-Symbol 88XX- Remove the battery cover, While holding down the Function key, use the stylus to gently press the reset button. Release the Function key, replace the battery cover.

-Symbol 9000 series PPC 2003 Terminal -
1. Press the primary battery release(s) on the mobile computer to partially eject the battery from the mobile computer.
2. While the battery is partially released, press and hold the Power button and push the
battery to fully re-insert it in the mobile computer. One audible click can be heard as the
battery is fully inserted.
3. Continue to hold the Power button for approximately 15 - 17 seconds.
As the unit cycles into a cold boot, }}} appears in the upper left corner of the display window,
followed by the message ...Booting System
4. Release the Power button.
5. As the mobile computer initializes its system, the Symbol splash window appears for about 30 seconds.
6. Calibrate the screen. See Calibrating the Screen to calibrate the mobile
computer screen.

-Note for MC 9090 -  If the handheld dies after cold boot you have to use the cleaner utility from symbol and follow the instructions along with to do a hard reset or a cold boot. You may download the file from symbol at

-Unitech HT660 - Remove the main battery, switch off the backup batter. Then switch the backup battery back on and reinsert the main battery.

-Unitech PT930 - Press the cold boot button under the PCMCIA cover.

-Unitech 960 - Press the coldboot button underneath the PCMCIA cover, the terminal will perform coldboot. (Note this requires a screwdriver to remove the cover).
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