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FAQ / IntelliTrack will not open after a Microsoft Update
« Last post by brian on January 09, 2013, 02:35:12 pm »
Please follow the instructions found on Microsoft's Website.
FAQ / IntelliTrack Tech Support Tips on YouTube
« Last post by brian on December 06, 2012, 08:40:36 am »
Connecting Windows Mobile Device Center

Configuring the License Service

Get me out of Demo Mode :) Revoking the License

Setup IIS on Windows 7

Configure IIS on Windows 7

Check Out the IntelliTrack YouTube Channel  :)
FAQ / Stockroom/Check In/Out Invalid user/password
« Last post by brian on March 19, 2012, 09:21:46 am »
While trying to add users through the workstation application a dialog box appears and says: "invalid user/password"

To resolve this error:  Please download the SecCIO.accde from the IntelliTrack FTP site, and copy it into the C:\Program Files\IntelliTrack\DMS\Stockroom\8.X folder.

Be sure you replace the existing SecCIO.accde file, or this will not work -- SecCIO.accde download
FAQ / Access Security Notification
« Last post by brian on February 09, 2012, 10:58:59 am »
In order to stop the Access Security notice you must download and run one of the following registry entry.

Opening Warning64-  64 bit operating systems
Opening Warning-  32 bit operating systems 
FAQ / Configuring the License Service
« Last post by leet on September 01, 2011, 04:40:34 pm »
To configure the license service, first make sure that all IntelliTrack applications on the machine are shut down.

  • As an administrator, open a command prompt
  • If you have a 32-bit machine, change directory to "%programfiles%\common files\intellitrack"
  • If you have a 64-bit machine, change directory to "%programfiles(x86)%\common files\intellitrack"
  • Execute the following:
Code: [Select]
ConfigureLicenseServiceClient.exe <hostname> <port>
where <hostname> is the DNS name or IP address of your IntelliTrack license server and <port> is the port number (default is 15313).

If the program does its job successfully, there will be no output.  If there is a problem, then close all IntelliTrack applications via the Task Manager and then run the program again.
FAQ / ISRP | Receive sql error when sending data to handheld
« Last post by louk on July 08, 2008, 03:31:15 pm »
Received sql error when sending data to handheld unit. Browsed to the error log on the handheld unit located at Program Files\Intellitrack\CEClient ErrorLog and obtained the following error:

SQL CE exception
Error Code: 80072F76
Message   : Internal error: HTTP header information is either corrupted or
missing in the transport message. It could be a network transmission error or
an IIS problem.
Minor Err.: 28035

Found solution on Microsoft Forum
FAQ / Exporting a Report to an Excel spreadsheet and receiving errors.
« Last post by Bradp on April 11, 2008, 02:18:16 pm »
You will need to modify the launch path of the icon (this example is for Check In-Out)

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\runaccess.exe" /runtime /profile "Check In-Out" /wrkgrp "C:\ITCHECK5\SYSTEM.MDW" "C:\ITCHECK5\ITCHECK5.MDB"

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\runaccess.exe" /runtime /wrkgrp "C:\ITCHECK5\SYSTEM.MDW" "C:\ITCHECK5\ITCHECK5.MDB"
FAQ / IntelliTracks IIS Virtual Directory not working on Windows Server 2003.
« Last post by Bradp on January 28, 2008, 04:21:30 pm »
On Windows Server 2003, you must make extra changes after the initial installation.

1.) You must create a new Application Pool named 'IntelliTrack' and then set your IntelliTrack virtual directory to the 'IntelliTrack' application pool.

2.) Next, you must create an IntelliTrack Web Service Extension pointed to: C:\Program Files\Common Files\IntelliTrack\IIS\sscesa20.dll.
FAQ / WIA Plug-in Host v2.0, not connecting to SQL server with uppercase password.
« Last post by Bradp on January 22, 2008, 04:09:09 pm »
There is a new version of the IPlugInLib.dll that resolves this issue. You can download the new version from The new .dll must be placed in %PROGRAMFILES%\IntelliTrack\WIA folder.

FAQ / Automation Error during Application Startup
« Last post by danb on January 16, 2008, 08:51:06 am »
Problem: When starting an Intellitrack application, you get an "Automation Error" and when you click on 'Ok' it brings up a Microsoft Datalink Properties Window and will not allow you to go past that.

Solution: There is a problem with different versions of the dmssvr.dll file being loaded and that version info being kept in the Registry and not deleted when a newer version is installed.

Fix: First you must verify the version of your dmssvr.dll file. You can do this by navigating to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office 10 or 11. Once you find the file, right click on it and go to properties. Click on the Version Tab and write down the version.

Close any open Intellitrack application you may have open.

Next, goto Start > Run, and type Regedit and hit enter.

Navigate to the following Registry Key location:

You will see version numbers listed under there. You will need to delete all but the one that matches what you have written down.

Then Navigate to:
And do the same.

Close the Regedit App, and restart your application.
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