Author Topic: Unable to Restore from a 3.2c Database in DMS 5.1.  (Read 3844 times)


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Unable to Restore from a 3.2c Database in DMS 5.1.
« on: May 15, 2006, 02:55:43 pm »
If you are getting the error "Records cannot be read" no permissions on User IDs (this is just the first table being imported so the table name doesn't appear to be significant.)

This requires a minor workaround to convert the database.  The workaround requires MSAccess (any version) and is quite easy.  
NOTE: Assumes the 3.2c database structure was not customized.  

Your 3.2c datafile cannot be accessed from your current version of MSAccess in it's current form.
>Import the tables from the old datafile to a new/blank access      
 database and the restore utility will run.
  *Open your current version of MSAccess. Create a New Blank
  database. >Name it anything you like.  
  *Go to File>Get External Data>Import.  
  *Browse to your DATAxxx2.mdb file.  This is the 3.2c data file
   that you are trying to restore into version 5.1 of DMS.  
  *Click Select All to import all the tables
  *Click OK. (you may see a few warning messages about some tables
  not being able to import but ignore them and continue.)
  *Your 3.2c data now lives in this new Access database file.
>Return to the DMS 5.1 Restore utility and browse to this new  
 database file to restore your 3.2c data into the DMS 5.1 SQL